Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Apeiron Skills workshops are delivered for any individual looking to improve their skills in service delivery. 

Workshops are tailored to your organisation’s needs and can be delivered one-on-one (train the trainer method) or for a group of employees working in different positions. Our workshops can be delivered Virtual or Face to Face at a location suitable for your organisation.

Apeiron Skills has extensive experience delivering workshops across different sectors such as education, settlement, domestic and family violence, disability, health, aged care and other government and non-government organisations.

Facilitation of sessions is conducted in an inclusive and empowering way, fully embracing the understanding that each session is centred around the intention that ‘your learning is my learning’ as the key to Aperion Skills’ success.

Lived experience examples form part of our workshops to help you build understanding, reduce stigma, prevent discrimination and improve service delivery in your organisation.

Workshop Topics

A wide range of topics is made available to suit individual, group and organisation needs.

Workshops topics can include:

  • Embrace diversity and create an inclusive workplace 
  • Enhancing multicultural teams in the workplace
  • Proactive bystander response to racism
  • Wellbeing in the workplace
  • Grief, loss and wellbeing in Multicultural Communities
  • Amplify engagement with people from refugee backgrounds 
  • Working respectfully with First Nations peoples

Workshop Testimonial

Anglican Care had the pleasure of engaging Zeljka Jovanovic founder of Apeiron Skills, along with guest speakers, to deliver an Effective Engagement with Diverse Clients workshop for our Lifestyle Wellbeing & Diversity teams across our Residential and Community based services. The workshop was delivered in a very professional manner, it was interactive and offered the opportunity for our teams to engage and share their experiences. We explored the benefits of communicating more effectively with our consumers from culturally diverse backgrounds and embracing cultural safety, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. The feedback received from our teams was extremely positive, Zeljka is an inspiring and passionate presenter, and I highly recommend Apeiron Skills!

Jane Meldrum
Lifestyle Wellbeing & Diversity Manager

Amplifying settlement of young people from refugee backgrounds

This workshop was one of the most empowering workshops I have attended. Listening to the lived experiences of both Zeljka and Joseph during their journey as young refugees was such an honour. The openness of both speakers to discuss the opportunities and challenges of settlement allowed us to unpack how we can improve our own service delivery. One key learning was the importance of providing a safe space for our clients to tell their stories and work together to support them in overcoming any challenges.

Andrea K. 
PhD Candidate & Casual Academic
Faculty of Arts, Social Scie​nces & Humanities
University of Wollongong

Embracing Cultural Safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people

Upon entering the workshop I felt supported to learn about how I can establish cultural safety in my workplace. Both Michael Vincent and Zeljka provided many practical examples of how to respectfully work with and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. One of the highlights was feeling safe to ask any questions and have them answered with kindness and respect. I strongly feel that this workshop is the missing link for many organisations and is an engaging way to enhance cultural safety in the workplace.


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