Embracing diversity and inclusion in Australian workplaces

Cultural inclusivity powered by limitless learning

Apeiron Skills is a professional company specialising in tailoring services for individuals and organisations that want to improve their skills in embracing diversity and inclusion.

apeiron Services

Services We Offer


Workshops are tailored to your organisation’s needs and can be delivered one-on-one (train the trainer method) or for employees working in different positions. 

Delivering workshops across different sectors such as education, settlement, domestic and family violence, disability, health, aged care and other government and non-government organisations


Apeiron Skills mentoring service program is designed to build capacity for your organisation’s learning and development team.

  • Improved personal and carer development
  • Building diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Staff retention
  • Improved onboarding
  • Productivity


We work closely with you to identify the workforce's needs and assist in creating a plan to achieve workplace goals.

  • Improving engagement with a multicultural workforce and broader communities
  • Planning the recruitment and selection process
  • Tailoring and conducting interviews to address applicants' diverse needs

Zeljka Jovanovic, Founder

About Apeiron Skills

Our core belief is that by continuously learning new things, we can improve how we live and work with one another, regardless of our cultural background, beliefs, and life experiences.

When an individual’s life is improved, their community and society are enhanced, creating a better future for all.


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Client Testimonials

"I have worked with Zeljka for over a decade and have seen first-hand how she has honed her skills in teaching, training and mentoring. She brings extensive experience in the Community Services industry, including within several sectors. She is skilled at working collaboratively with organisations and customising her work to meet organisational needs, especially in cross-cultural and multicultural settings"

Jill G.

“During the early years of my career, Zeljka was both my manager and mentor. I learnt so much from her. Her passion to impact and improve lives of migrant community groups and create awareness of issues impacting every Australian is commendable. Her commitment to excellent and efficient service delivery has been evident and consistent throughout the years.”

Gracia M.

“I have worked with Zeljka for a few years, and I learned so much from her. She inspired me to be my best every day. She is a very smart, kind, professional and inspiring woman! I am definitely recommending her services. She never disappoints.”

Noora M. 

“Zeljka approaches leadership and coaching in a supportive and approachable way. Zeljka was an integral part of my development in the community services sector through her in-depth understanding of case management principles, trauma informed care and conflict management. Zeljka is an admirable mentor with a wealth of experience and I strongly encourage those seeking to strengthen their skills or commence a career is Community Services to make connect with Zeljka.”

Vedran S.

“Zeljka was a manager and a mentor to me in my initial career in social services industry. She has mentored me to acknowledge that every effort I put in does count toward the final achievement and overall customer satisfaction. She is resourceful and has rich connection to culturally diverse established and emerging communities. I can always reach out to her for any professional advice and support.”

Lawrence C.

“Zeljka models professionalism, integrity, respect, and dedication to serving our multicultural communities. She demonstrates the importance of both practical knowledge and lived experience in the provision of services to newly arrived refugees and migrants. Zeljka provided me with extensive mentoring and practical training, ensuring that the work environment was supportive, safe and enjoyable.”

Andrea K.

“As a mentor Zeljka was always supportive and she puts theory in practice. She gave me many opportunities, and the space to learn and improve, guiding me, and walking beside me all those years. As a facilitator, I have delivered with Zeljka a number of training and short courses related to refugees, mental health, and diversity. What I found to be unique about Zeljka beside the passion and experience, is the way she designs the training, including stories about lived experience.”

Najla S.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Zeljka for many years. Apart from being a genuinely caring individual her dedication to deliver exceptional service never wanes. Her work has spanned across a number of different industry sectors from refugee settlement, to aged and disability services, health services, TAFE and community sports to name a few. She is always looking for opportunities to improve and will work closely with each client to ensure they are completely satisfied with the outcome.”

Cecilia M.

“Zeljka and I worked together for 11 years settling refugees in the Illawarra region and beyond. Through her invaluable support and mentoring, I was able to develop a number of skills including training skills. As part of our organisation’s mission to address and raise awareness about the refugee issues, Zeljka and I developed and delivered successful workshops to various stakeholders such as police and family and community services.”

Joseph B.

“Zeljka and I worked together in delivering ‘Culturally-responsive palliative care for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds’ workshops. Palliative care is a sensitive topic and Zeljka was able sensitively and professionally step into the space creating innovative and engaging learning opportunities for the healthcare professionals. The workshops were always a great success.”

Ros K., Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist & Educator

but how does it work?


I live and work in Australia. Do I need to learn about other cultures?

Australia is a multicultural society with a culturally and linguistically diverse workforce. According to 2021 Census data, more than fifty per cent of people were born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas.

There are a multitude of benefits to learning about each other’s culture, values and belief systems. We all have a role in making Australia a more inclusive country for all to work, live and enjoy.

My organisation is already inclusive. What benefit can we gain by engaging Aperion Skills?

Apeiron Skills services are designed to support all workers in the community service industry. Discrimination comes in different forms, and we sometimes may not be aware of it. Even though you may think discrimination doesn’t exist in your organisation, indirect discrimination is often present and can significantly affect individuals.

Why is learning about communication important when our workforce speaks English well?

At Apeiron Skills, we believe that effective communication, beliefs and values lens through which we see and understand the world around us play an essential role in a harmonious and prosperous workplace. According to research, about 90% of our communication is nonverbal. Therefore, by improving our skills in non-verbal communication processes, we will have more significant opportunities to prevent workplace conflicts due to ineffective communication.

Why should I learn about bystander response to racism?

It is illegal to separate people because of their skin colour. Racism is believed to be unacceptable in our society. However, racism is still experienced by many non-white Australians. Everyone can make a difference by standing up to racism and improving our bystander response. Apeiron Skills workshops will provide practical strategies to take action safely and stop racism in our society.  

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